Debut album ‘The Sixth Sense’ finally available again!

My first album, ‘The Sixth Sense’, is now properly available for the first time since it appeared very briefly way back in 1999.

Nat Birchall 'The Sixth Sense'


“The Sixth Sense” was Nat Birchall’s debut release. Originally recorded as a demo for his then eponymously-named five piece band, Nat was advised to make the album commercially available. Distribution being difficult to come by the CD was released in 1999 in a low key manner and although receiving a 4 star review in Jazzwise magazine the album promptly fell below the radar of most jazz fans.  The album is now being made available for the first time since its original release. Featuring on two tracks special guests Tony Kofi on baritone saxophone and David Angol on tenor saxophone, the album was recorded old-school style direct to (DAT) tape with no subsequent mixing.

Available from

Kudos Records  

Piccadilly Records

Soul Brother Records

Juno Records

My own Bandcamp page

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