New album recording!!


In a few days we will be going into the studio to record some new music for our next album.

This will be the first time we have recorded in the studio for over two years and I’m very much looking forward to it!

I never know how the music I’ve written will turn out. A very important part of my music is the group’s contribution to the sketches that I write out. That and the belief I have that each song has its own distinct character that will only reveal itself if all the musicians approach the music the right way. Only time will tell what will manifest on the dates, but we enter the studio with open ears, hearts and minds.

In the words of Tagore – The winds of Grace are always blowing, it is up to us to set our sails high.

Studio 1


Nat Birchall Live In Larissa front cover

Nat’s latest album will be released on April 28th 2014!

The double-vinyl LP “Live In Larissa” was recorded during the quintet’s visit to Greece in 2013 and features extended versions of songs from the World Without Form and Sacred Dimension albums plus Bill Lee’s classic “John Coltrane” and Alice Coltrane’s immortal “Journey In Satchidananda”

The recording captures the band in inspired form in front of an appreciative live audience and is a vivid representation of how the quintet sounds on a live gig.

The vinyl album also comes with a free download card.

The 2-record set will be available via Nat’s Bandcamp page and all usual outlets, including the hippest real record shops, and online specialists as well as the mainstream sites such as Amazon and iTunes etc.

This album will not be available on CD. Apologies to anyone who prefers that medium but funds will not allow all formats to be represented at this time.

Track listing:

Side A
1. John Coltrane (17:18)

Side B
1. Divine Harmony (11:24)
2. Return To Ithaca (13:38)

Side C
1. Journey In Satchidananda (13:44)
2. World Without Form (10:57)

Side D
1. The Black Ark (11:55)
2. Sacred Dimension (11:35)

Nat Birchall – Tenor & Soprano saxophone, bells, tambourine, shakers
Adam Fairhall – Piano
Corey Mwamba – Vibes, shakers
Nick Blacka – Bass
Paul Hession – Drums

Nat Birchall Quintet visit to Larissa

Nat B quintet duende 2We are back from our visit to Larissa in Greece where we played two concerts at  Duende Jazz Bar.   The experience turned out to be even greater than our expectation could have been.

I have to say that we had the most amazing and life-affirming experience, the people were the most spiritual, warm-hearted and generous I have ever met. It made me feel humble to have been invited to play and to have been among them for even a short time. Everyone we met loved the music so much and were so appreciative and complimentary about it and our presence that I am still finding it difficult to take it all in.
I think our visit will become one of the defining experiences of my life and I would like to thank Kostas Voultsidis in particular for having the vision in the first place and for all his hard work in organising everything despite many difficulties involved, also for being the most gracious and generous host possible.
I also would like to thank all the other people who helped with the organisation of the visit, all the people who generously loaned instruments for us to play, all the people who helped by sponsoring various aspects of the trip, all the people who came to listen ( some of them travelling for many hours to make the journey, even travelling from Germany in one instance!! ) and all the new friends we made. I know there were several people who really wanted to be there but for various obstacles couldn’t make it, but we will certainly return and hopefully we will meet in the near future.
All the music from both nights was recorded and the plan is to release an album from the recording to commemorate our experience, so watch this space as they say.

**There is a short film about our visit, please check the “Videos” page to take a peep!**

Many blessings to everyone involved, Nat.

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” – Rumi



Debut album ‘The Sixth Sense’ finally available again!

My first album, ‘The Sixth Sense’, is now properly available for the first time since it appeared very briefly way back in 1999.

Nat Birchall 'The Sixth Sense'


“The Sixth Sense” was Nat Birchall’s debut release. Originally recorded as a demo for his then eponymously-named five piece band, Nat was advised to make the album commercially available. Distribution being difficult to come by the CD was released in 1999 in a low key manner and although receiving a 4 star review in Jazzwise magazine the album promptly fell below the radar of most jazz fans.  The album is now being made available for the first time since its original release. Featuring on two tracks special guests Tony Kofi on baritone saxophone and David Angol on tenor saxophone, the album was recorded old-school style direct to (DAT) tape with no subsequent mixing.

Available from

Kudos Records  

Piccadilly Records

Soul Brother Records

Juno Records

My own Bandcamp page

And Amazon and iTunes



New album ‘World Without Form’

Nat Birchall’s new album ‘World Without Form’ was released on November 26th on his own ‘Sound Soul And Spirit’ label. Alongside Nat on tenor and soprano saxophones, tambourines, bells and shakers the album also features Adam Fairhall, piano; Corey Mwamba, vibes, bells and shakers; Nick Blacka, bass; Paul Hession, drums; Jon Thorne, bass; Andy Hay, drums and percussion.